Ailuna can help businesses drive significant sustainability impact and save costs across key areas such as energy, transportation, diet, waste, and recycling

The Importance of Employee and Customer Engagement for Sustainable Business Success

Without the support of employees and customers, companies may struggle to meet their sustainability and ESG targets. Engaging the workforce is critical to achieving sustainability goals and attracting and retaining top talent. Companies that prioritize sustainability tend to perform better financially, and sustainability is becoming increasingly important for both employees and customers when choosing a company to work for or buy from.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of employee and customer engagement for sustainability and ESG success.

Why Ailuna?

 As companies increasingly focus on building sustainable practices, engaging the workforce becomes essential. Ailuna for Business offers an engaging sustainable habit-building behavior change app that makes it fun for employees to develop habits that are good for them and the planet. With a range of achievable and realistic goals and actions, continually updated and a community engagement approach, Ailuna is the ultimate solution for corporate sustainability training.

Empowering Sustainability Through Impactful Programs

By implementing effective Corporate Sustainability Programs, businesses can reduce energy waste, manage travel policies, and exploit cost-saving opportunities across their supply chains. With the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) deadline approaching, it is more important than ever to engage employees in sustainability efforts. Companies can attract top talent and gain customers’ trust by prioritizing sustainability.

Ailuna offers tailored programs that empower employees to take sustainable actions and develop green habits, using gamified teamwork and incentivized rewards.

Become part of the global movement towards sustainable employee engagement by choosing Ailuna for Business - the leading solution trusted by organizations worldwide.

Sustainable companies have better employee engagement and retention

“Employees who work for companies with a strong commitment to sustainability are more engaged and more likely to stay with the company long-term. 62% of employees feel more positively about their employer when the company takes a stand on environmental or social issues.” (Accenture)

Sustainability is a top concern for job seekers in the UK

Sustainability is the second most important consideration for job seekers in the UK, after salary. The study found that 51% of job seekers consider a company’s environmental impact before applying for a job. (Totaljobs)

Consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability

81% of consumers around the world feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. This sentiment is particularly strong among millennials and Generation Z, who are the largest demographic group in the workforce. (Nielsen)

Companies with sustainability goals are more likely to achieve them

Companies with clear sustainability goals are more likely to achieve them than those without. The study found that 78% of companies with clear sustainability goals achieved them, compared to only 43% of companies without clear goals. (Carbon Trust)

Tailored to your brand and needs

We develop bespoke impactful habit-building programs to support your company’s initiatives and goals. 

Let’s bring your corporate policies to life. 

You define the business problem to solve and we’ll engage your workforce to make it happen. 

By investing in sustainability, businesses can support the climate emergency, drive business value, and attract top talent.

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