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Do you want to live more sustainably or run a greener business but you are not sure where to start? Ailuna can help! ​ ​Conquer one-day or week-long challenges and build greener habits together with the like-minded #ailunacommunity !

Most Popular Sustainable Actions

Click the arrows below to try your wanted Ailuna actions on your phone. If opened on computer, follow the instructions to download the app.
A simple pledge to make - 24 hours without a car!
We will guide you through the switching to green energy provider process!
Tips and advice on how to minimise your digital carbon footprint.
Tips on choosing, remembering and cleaning your refillable bottle.

One-day Sustainable Actions

Litter picking doesn't have to take ages, it can be a quick lunch time activity!
Reduce your time in the shower to a maximum of 4 minutes.
Avoid disposable plastic and paper bags for a whole day by carrying a reusable bag with you!
Instead of jumping in at the deep end, try a vegan diet for just one day.
Go for a whole day without creating any waste - this is a healthy challenge!

All Sustainable Ailuna Actions

Are you interested in customized Ailuna actions for your company?

Let us boost your company’s employee sustainability engagement and impact with customized actions!

Some of the Bespoke Actions for our Clients:

Ailuna Actions for your Sustainable Kitchen Habits

Habits we have in the kitchen contribute to waste in our landfills and the environmental damage it causes. Sometimes we choose “the easy” way of doing things like just throwing everything away without separating, or running the tap water for too long. These actions will help you remember the small things you can do in your kitchen.

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