White Paper: Achieving the triple bottom line through employee engagement

The triple bottom line is a business concept that focuses on measuring social and environmental impact in addition to the traditional shareholder metrics of financial performance. It can be broken down into “three Ps”: profit, people, and the planet.

Three companies that demonstrate these capabilities showcase that it is indeed possible to do well in addition to doing good:


Lego has pledged to reduce its carbon impact, by 2030 using only environmentally friendly materials to produce all of its core products and packaging.

Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss is one of the most successful fashion brands, and is also a leader driving for a more ethical and sustainable supply chain. 

Marks & Spencer

M&S have named their sustainability initiative “Plan A” – because there is no plan B – in order to bake in sustainable decision-making into their retail store fit-out programmes to save energy and emissions.

Where to start?

If you are a business leader looking to adopt the triple bottom line, then acclaimed American Sustainability and Ethics Professor CB Bhattacharya demonstrates how this can be achieved. In his 2019 book “Small Actions Big Difference: Leveraging Corporate Sustainability to Drive Business and Societal Value” he describes how the lens of sustainability needs to become embedded into every business decision, and how the purpose of the change programme is based on the role that the organisation will play in society to help the environment.

The role for Ailuna

Mobilising employees across the organisation – to take a small action as a first – creates the million-man effect as all the cumulative outcomes from those actions taken together can make a big difference.

When it comes to implementing sustainability, this is a guiding light north star to the role that Ailuna can play in any organisation.

Download our white paper for an in-depth analysis of how to get buy-in to sustainability within an organisation from your employees so that collectively everyone learns together.

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