What is Ailuna?

Ailuna is a sustainability engagement app which makes it fun to develop habits that are good for you and the planet

The word Ailuna (Ai’ luna) is Hawaiian and means up there, aiming high, pointing at the Moon. Which is pretty fitting, because that’s exactly what we are trying to do.

If every single user – whether they are an individual or an employee – aims high and tries to make changes at home and at work, we can all build a better future for ourselves and for the planet.

Habits with impact

Ailuna’s magic starts with its actions, which are personal training programmes in sustainability. Most programmes start with just one week! They are designed and written by experts. 

Ailuna encourages you to tackle one sustainable change at a time, rather than taking on something new each day. By making small changes you can achieve remarkable results. 

How does Ailuna work?

We know that taking action is the best way for us to create new positive self-beliefs around the sustainability impact we can have. Our approach is rooted in behavioural science, based on James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” and inspired by inspired by successful sports apps, such as Couch to 5K.

It starts with selecting an individual or team action to build new habits, along with group chat to drive community engagement and leader board results to drive recognition.

Opportunity to drive significant sustainability impact and save cost across key areas


Consumption data

Behavioural change engine & knowledge:



Real time energy consumption data

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Reduction in cost, usage & CO2


Real time mobility data

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Reduction in cost & CO2


Nudged user input

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Reduction in cost & CO2


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Reduction in volume & CO2

Single use plastic

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Reduction in CO2

Buy less & recycle

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Reduction in CO2 & cost

Discover Ailuna!

Are you an individual?

Visit to our blog as a source of uplifting news and information. And download our app of course, as that’s the place to keep track of your sustainable choices! You can use it for free, take actions and connect and communicate with like minded people who all want to make a difference.

Are you a business?

If you are a Sustainability or HR Manager then check our Business Resources where we show you how companies with highly engaged workforces are 21% more profitable and 17% more productive – truly delivering the triple bottom line.

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don’t leave just yet!

trying Ailuna is just a click away - and you can use it for free

don’t leave just yet!

trying Ailuna is just a click away - and you can use it for free