Meet the Ailuna Team!

We’re based far and wide, including the UK, Germany, Lithuania, USA and Denmark, with (probably) the most sustainable little island in the world, Samsø. Meet the team behind Ailuna!

Lars Ronning

Founder & CEO

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25 years of US & EMEA B2B and B2C startup and growth experience, having helped create billions in shareholder value, realised through 5 IPOs & 3 M&A Owns cottage on carbon neutral island

Helene Ronning

Co-founder & Head of user engagement

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Helene created original Ailuna vision together with Lars. She is green roofing solutions expert & has 5x startup experience

Karl-Ludwig Wachler


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Karl has 10+ years experience in AI, machine learning, mobile, web, social and location based services development and enterprise level technologies / infrastructures / solutions

Axel Augstein


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Axel has 10+ years experience in AI, machine learning, mobile, web, social and location based services development and enterprise level technologies / infrastructures / solutions

Katrina Collins

Head of Product

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Katrina analyses, deconstructs and re-analyses data to help the development team build the best possible products for our users, as well as working with the design and UX team to make sure everyone gets the very best experience.

Frederikke Balslev

Customer Success Manager

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Frederikke has an interdisciplinary approach based on working with and studying sustainability the past 4 years and 2 years experience with B2B customer success and client relations.

Justina Vyšniauskienė

Head of Digital Media

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With 3x startups experience Justina now has 8 years on her digital marketing & media managing plate. She is responsible for developing the social media strategy and content creation on various online platforms.

Denis Efremov

UI/UX Design Lead

About Denis

Denis has 10+ years experience in UI/UX design & work in the internet industry. Strong IT, product design an prototyping skills

Philipp Barylla

Lead Developer & Development Team Lead

About Philipp

Philipp joined Ailuna after being involved with the development and launch of several other apps over the past 6 years, and is now the lead developer of Ailuna!

Andrés Cortés

Product Development Coordinator

About Andres

Andrés’ background is as a mechanical engineer and he considers himself to be a technology enthusiast. He’s also worked in the past as a process engineer so he really understands what it takes to design and build a product that works for people.

Steve Harke

Product Developer

About Steve

Steve studied computer science at university, and then spent 6 years working in-house for an ad agency. Software development is Steve's passion and he has a particular interest in game development.

Alex Taradi

Product Developer

About Alex

Alex is part of the team that codes the Ailuna app. He is a working student, so studies Computer Science alongside supporting the team with coding projects.

Anne Blau

UX/UI Design

About Anne

Anne works closely with the Ailuna development team on UI and UX Design to make sure that the design supports the usability of the app. Anne loves to combine clean design and functionality.

Tim Walker

Sustainability Program Design

About Tim

Tim left a 10+ year career in corporate retail to pursue a greener life. In 2021 he graduated university with a degree in Environmental Science, and is now researching and creating content for Ailuna when he isn't on his allotment living the good life

Ruth Walton

Sustainability Program Design

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Ruth is researching and writing content for the Ailuna app. She also helps with growing the Ailuna community through her network of sustainability and ethical living contacts.

Gemma Annan

Sustainability Program Design

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Gemma has a background in conservation, managing elephant conservation projects in Thailand & 6 years experience working in sustainability. She is researching and writing content for Ailuna.

Sonja Teszler


More about Sonja

Sonja is a highly skilled copywriter with 5+ years of experience. She is creating authentic, engaging, and fun copy for the app and marketing content.

Fred Freemantle

Business Development

About Fred

25 years experience in business development for large technology vendors and startups.

Claus Lundholm

Website & IT support

About Claus

Concept design, Website & IT support

Sajid Varda

Business Development

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Advisors to the board


Emmie Fulton

Behavioral Scientist

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Ailuna’s behavioural scientist Emmie is working hard behind the scenes to help make the app something that will help people develop positive long term habits. Emmie has a deep understanding of the psychology behind lifestyle change and what will help our new habits stick.

CB Bhattacharya

Sustainability and Ethics

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CB is a world-renowned expert in business strategy innovation aimed at increasing both business and social value. His research and teaching focuses specifically on how companies can use corporate identity, corporate social responsibility and sustainability to strengthen stakeholder relationships.

Paul Weald

Customer Experience

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30+ years in Customer Experience and a Business Advisor to six start-ups. Focused on helping companies solve the problem that, when it comes to sustainability, employees and customers must be engaged or change will not happen fast enough.

Karen Gallantry

SaaS Scaling

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B2B SaaS scaling. IAM & marketing tech. Tech for good, sales & GTM leadership.

Collin Pauley

Corporate Strategy, Scaling & Ethics

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Colin specialises in leading phased growth. He has launched the BBC Good Food & Cooking brand of live events, established his own software companies and built global teams at high profile technology companies such as Active Network and iZettle.

Renée LaPlante

Product & Impact Strategy

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Renee's wealth of knowledge and experience including people performance, communications, leadership and program development stems from a 20-year background in corporate roles in advertising, technology, NPOs and today as an independent consultant.

Keith Williams

Marketing & Business Strategy and Consumer Experience

Connect with Keith

Keith’s professional background is in helping to build and scale software and technology tools and global consumer platforms, including Active Network and JustGiving, and he brings with him a huge range of skills and knowledge, as well as technology and leading business partnerships.

Adrienne Gaboury

Social Impact Strategy & Communications

About Adrienne

Adrienne serves as a strategic advisor to purpose-driven leaders and organizations. She is a trained B Corp Leader, who, after accumulating wide-ranging professional experience and perspectives from diverse roles in global corporations, SMEs, non-profits, and start-ups, truly believes business can be a force for good.

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